Photo exhibition «No walls, no barriers»

The photo exhibition aims to celebrate the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, through the lens of our students. By involving them in cutting-edge international human rights work at a pivotal point in their lives and by taking photos on cardinal themes like gender issues, equality, cultural diversity, ethics, environmental problems, disabled students’ problems, tolerance, they will become active citizens. At the same time, the students’ work will contribute to transform human rights awareness around the World.


Photo exhibition in Haskovo, Bulgaria

Title: «Smiles without Borders»

There is a text next to each photo about the power of the smile 🙂

dsc_3810 dsc_3812 dsc_3815 r-13 dsc_3828 dsc_3821

Photo exhibition in Ceres, Latvia

Title: «No walls, no barries» – Presentation

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Photo exhibition in Trikala, Greece

Title: «No walls, no barries»

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Painting exhibition in Trikala -Greece

Title: «Smile without borders»

Press here to see the relative collection of childrens’ paintgings/ «Smile without borders»-Greece


Photo exhibition in Torre del Greco, Italy

Title: «No walls, no barries»



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