International booklet «Share your story»

The students  explored and improved their knowledge about Respect, Responsibility, Courage, Honesty and Compassion. They  wrote stories about these themes, real examples from their life. The stories were been written in native languages and translated in English. Five or more stories from each country  have been part of an international booklet. Students  drawn illustrations.
Teachers could encourage them using the following prompts:
– Tell a story about a time you told the truth, even though that was a difficult thing to do.
– Tell a story about a time you felt happy or sad for somebody or something.
– Tell a story about someone you respect.
– Tell a story about a time you took responsibility for something you had done or said.
– Tell a story about being brave.
Each partner school will put MAIL BOX «Share your story» in the Erasmus+ Corner. The students can share their problems, stories, ideas or anything connected with the project.



Press here to see the greek booklet 




Press here to see the italian booklet



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