Taking the Human Rights temperature



Partners write down questions that will be included in a questionnaire about immigrants, pupils with special needs, learning difficulties, physical or cognitive disabilities. All the questions will be inserted in a Google form and pupils, teachers and parents from all participating countries will answer them. The results will be presented with graphs in a Power Point presentation. The final file will be uploaded on the website of each partner school. The research results will be published in the local press and electronic media. In addition the comparison of the results with those of other countries will be made at a specified meeting of the participating schools. Moreover, the same questionnaire will be re-answered by our students at the end of the program to see if there will have been any change in their attitude towards diversity.



Press here to see the results from Italian school «Mazza-Colamarino» 

Press here to see the results from Greek school «3rd Gymnasium of Trikala» 

Press here to see the comparison results from 3rd Gymnasium of Trikala  after the end of the project

Press here to see the results from Latvian school «Ceres Pamatskola»


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