Project description


avatarOur project intends to explore not only European, but universal problems in our society. We want to develop positive social skills, reciprocal respect and a friendly school climate. It will be achieved through TRANSNATIONAL cooperation among schools of several European countries, sharing experiences and good practices. We want to develop the ability to manage conflicts, to promote effective interpersonal communication among students and between students and teachers, promoting the understanding and sharing of social rules.

The project involves not only teachers and learners but also parents, making them more responsible and conscious of the implications of their actions.

Pupils with special needs, learning difficulties, physical or cognitive disabilities will participate actively in this project because the variety of activities will support different learning paces and cognitive styles.


General objectives of the program are:

  1. Improving the quality of school education and strengthening its European dimension by encouraging transnational cooperation between schools.
  2. The creation of children’s cognitive and value – conditions that have positive attitudes and participative behaviors that will result in strengthening of their European identity.
  3. A deeper understanding of cultural and religious differences as well as of their intercultural awareness.
  4. Bridging differences by promoting the concept of equality of peoples and the rejection of xenophobia.
  5. Strengthening of the links between their peoples and promoting friendly relationships and cooperation.
  6. The promotion of language learning through awareness of their linguistic differences.
  7. The development of skills related to the use of the ICT technology.
  8. Cultivating personal abilities such as self confidence, critical thinking, credibility, accountability, consistency, adaptability and initiative through their participation in work and actions.
  9. The diffusion of European culture.
  10. The development of pedagogical reflection among the teachers of the five countries and the exchange of views and experience on educational systems.



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